Project Description

Being on maternity leave for the second time Iben experienced the life as a typical housewife again. The first time with her oldest daughter she lived in wonderful Copenhagen. Now she lives on a small island in a small town. It made her reflect on the lack of colour she sometimes feels and how hard it is to find inspiration juxtaposed to the creative, artistic and colourful life before in the worlds big cities. As a result of having these thoughts she decided to find creativity anyways and connect them to an artistic project. A colourful one.

The Daily Humdrum Reliefs is about challenging this thought and demanding to create something visual and sensual out of the humdrum family life. Zooming in on daily and weekly routines at home it’s a hunt searching for colour stories questioning dimensions, combinations and interpretations through materials, techniques, volume, texture and form. Inspired by barometers amount of colours and relating materials are put together in graphic compositions rich in details telling a visual story about different daily humdrum routines.

The reliefs are pushing the viewer to think about doll and less inspiring things in their lifes. They encourage them to reflect on how they can actually find some fun and light in all the hard boring work and daily humdrum. In the way the reliefs are sensuous and tactile.

The Daily Humdrum Reliefs where part of the the exhibition Is this colour by Kontempo collective in 2019.

Photo credit: Cornelia Gramkow