Project Description

Colourful water #1 is designed to be part of the exhibition Don’t run out with Holdbar Design Group. The group exhibition was shown during Paris Design week in 2015 at Galerie Joseph. Holdbar’s main focus is questioning sustainability as designers. When you look at Colourful water #1 it might not be pollution that comes to your mind at first yet this is what the repeated textile print is all about. Water is a precious thing in our time and future. Producing printed textile can be extremely poisonous and have unbearable consequences for people and nature living near the production. As a textile designer mostly working with printed fabric is amazing but it can also fill you with guilt. Colourful water #1 is therefor both subjective thoughts about the industry as it is information for the viewer to consume.

The fabric is 100% organic and digitally printed with Oekotex colours.

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