When finding Ranunculaceae in the meadows on Læsø its hard not to pick a bunch to bring back to the summerhouse. The details in this print is so real and poetic. You can almost smell the flowers and perhaps thats why this is one of the most populair art prints in the series.

Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified

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Wild Flower Scans

The collection is inspired from all the summers Iben has spend on Læsø a small danish island. Her mother grew up on the island in Kattegat and through her she explored its wild botanical life. Colorful and floral stories lives everywhere on Lœsø. The idea with the collection was to capture poetic moods and raw details in one. The print collection definitely creates a sense of summer all year round.

Art prints from the Wild Flower Scan series is especially nice when mixing different formats.

All art prints are sold unframed but carefully packed into high quality cardboard packages or tubes to avoid any damage during shipping.

We of course provide worldwide shipping.

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50×70, A3, A4, Card