COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR! Do you also think it’s important to have lots of colour in your life?


Iben exhibits her newest artwork The Daily Humdrum Reliefs in a group exhibition in Rundetårn/the roundtower in Copenhagen.

When she was on maternity leave for the second time she experienced the life as a typical housewife again. The first time she lived in wonderful Copenhagen but now she lives on the small but extremely beautiful island Bornholm in a tiny town, named Tejn! But still it made her reflect on the lack of colour juxtaposed to the creative, artistic and colourful life before having children.

The reliefs are zooming in on daily and weekly routines telling stories and interpreting through materials, techniques, volume, texture and form. Inspired by barometers amount of colours and relating materials are put together in graphic compositions rich in details telling a visual story about different daily humdrum routines. They are all made by hand and it’s been important to Iben that it shows.

The artwork consists of seven reliefs. Each of them has their own title describing a daily routine at home with two small children. The defined routines are:
/ Assorting laundry
/ Watering plants
/ Folding laundry
/ Mashed potato
/ Shopping list
/ Lunch box
/ Baby bath


The censored exhibition Is this colour? is arranged by the textile collective Kontempo. The colourful exhibiton is on from May 11th until June 23rd. 2019

Colour Jury :

Stine Osther, Vice president, Kvadrat textiles

Louise Campell, Designer

Charlotte Jul, Masters of Arts, Copenhagen city