Art Prints are designed by Iben Birch Bech

  • shop_frozen-flower-2-2shop_frozen-flower-2-1

    Frozen flower #2

    Flower shots peeks out of an ice block waiting for spring. A dreaming stillife photography full of simplicity yet still with a touch of colour. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • frozen-flower-4_shopshop_frozen-flower-4-1

    Frozen flower #4

    Randomly pieces of a broken ice block reveals hidden flower shots. A colourful and poetic still full of moods. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified.
  • craspedia-in-a-glass_shopshop_craspedia-in-a-glass_1

    Craspedia in a glass

    Dried Craspedia flowers placed in a drinking glass. A modern and handdrawen stillife illustration. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • Sale! poetic-raw-1_shopshop-poetic-raw-1_1

    Poetic Raw #1

    DKK40.00DKK625.00 DKK40.00DKK500.00
    The historical botanical garden in Copenhagen is housing small families. Poetic Raw #1 is a visual capture of a cactus family enjoying their lovely view in the sunlight. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • poetic-raw-3_shopshop-poetic-raw-3_1

    Poetic Raw #3

    A night snapshot glorifize a bundle of daisies since they are elegant, classical and creates a sensitive poetic feeling. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • arundineae_shopshop-arundineae-1


    Wild Arundineae grows in the roadsides and near by the soft white beaches on Læsø. Look carefully and you can almost feel how sharp they can be but in the same time cool and graphic. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • campanulaceae_shopshop-campanulaceae-1


    Wild Campanulaceae on Læsø is a tiny purple flower. The art print gives you the change to really see and explore it's beauty and is one of the top bestsellers. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified  
  • caprifoliaceae_shopshop-caprifoliaceae-1


  • juncaceae_shopshop-juncaceae-1


    On Læsø Juncaceae flowers  is growing everywhere near freash water and lakes. This art print shows the fine details of the flower beauty. Its all in the details when you shake it a bit. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • floral-shine-1_shopshop-floral-shine-1-1

    Floral shine #1

    A floral detail takes graphic form. Look closely and you will see a lily. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • ranunculaceae_shopshop-ranunculaceae-1


    When finding Ranunculaceae in the meadows on Læsø its hard not to pick a bunch to bring back to the summerhouse. The details in this print is so real and poetic. You can almost smell the flowers and perhaps thats why this is one of the most populair art prints in the series. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • floral-shine-2_shopshop_floral-shine-2-1

    Floral shine #2

    A modern translation of a unique stillife bouquet. All from a beautiful and well kept danish summergarden. Paper quality is mat and 100% FSC Certified
  • daucus


  • carduoideae


  • poaceae


    Poaceae has an elegance and slow movement in the design that gives it a poetic touch. its part of the art print collection Plants by the lake with nordic colors that gives a calm and classic mood to your home.
  • trifolium


    Trifolium is the graphic art print in the collection Plants by the lake. The colors are more bright but it still have the calm and elegant sense to it. Also it can bring luck to your home!