Iben Birch Bech
Iben Birch BechDesigner and Artist
Call me: +45 2536 5882
Text me: hello@ibenbirchbech.com

A fascination of colors, materials, shapes and patterns creates the umbrella of Ibens diverse designs and artwork. Her main focus is on print design, art print, textile and conceptual objects. She’s educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2008 with additional studies at Rhode Island School of Design in USA.

Iben has worked for several clients creating beautiful and colorful fashion prints for clients such as Schulz By Crowd and Molo Kids but she has also designed classic home accessories for interior companies like BoConcept and Gran Living.

Besides creating commerce design products Iben works in the intersection between art and design. The danish designer is also part of Holdbar Design Group and Kontempo Collective where she questions sustainable design and what contemporary design is today.



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